Saqr Aerospace provides all necessary components of drone parts and upgrades from its global partners, such as T-MOTOR and CUAV, to build a complete drone system using open-sourced platforms. During this time, some components would need to be modified to avoid failure or enhance the drone as a whole. From our expertise in designing drones, we understood the importance of each element within drone systems, and we were able to find gaps to fill to improve the performance of drones.

CUAV partner of Saqr Aerospace and drone parts provider

CUAV is one of our reliable partners for high-quality drone electronics. Their brand is highly known in the drone industry, especially when it comes to their famously known series of Pixhawk flight controllers.

Example of the flight controller parts CUAV provide

Autopilot Series

Autopilot boards are a major requirement in flying a drone autonomously and feasibly. CUAV autopilot parts are known to provide highly exceptional anti-interference and flight stability performances.

Example of the GNSS parts CUAV provide

GNSS Series

Global Navigation Satellite Systems are essential components to navigate and track drones during their operation. CUAV GNSS parts are highly known for their accuracy and reliability for almost all your drone applications.

Example of the power module parts CUAV provide

Power Modules

Power modules offered by CUAV are your first go-to option when considering monitoring your battery system during operations, ensuring long battery life.

Example of the telemetry parts CUAV provide

Communication Series

Communication and telemetry components are necessary if you’re looking to observe the different indicators and statuses of your drone during operations. Such components also allow you to command your drone in real-time from the ground. CUAV communication components are well known for their low latency and long-distance transmission.

T-MOTOR partner of Saqr Aerospace  and drone parts provider

T-MOTOR a globally known brand in the drones and robotics industry, with its high-performing Motors, ESCs, and Propellers.

Example of the motor parts T-MOTOR provide


Motors are of the most critical parts of a drone. T-MOTORS has a variety of motors to choose from based on your drone needs.

Example of the ESC parts T-MOTOR provide


Electronic Speed Controllers are essential components of any drone’s propulsion system. T-MOTORS offers ESCs that are very durable and reliable. This is due to their multiple redundant features which ensure long part life times.

Example of the propeller parts T-MOTOR provide


Propellers are a key factor for the drone’s performance. T-MOTORS has exceptionally designed propellers made from high-quality materials, offering high propulsion efficiencies.

Example of the drones T-MOTOR provide


T-MOTORS also offers a wide range of drones with different sizes made from their parts.