Drone Payloads

At Saqr Aerospace, we aim to deliver high-end capabilities by adopting the latest drone technologies and innovations. We design and create different payloads systems to perform what other technologies could not. Drones entered the commercial industries by having various applications in agriculture, surveillance, photography, and inspections. Accordingly, we can address payloads requirements based on the client’s application to make it efficient and compatible with their drone systems.

RGB Camera

Standard payload fitting any drone. Applications utilized for mapping, videography, mapping, and inspections.

Thermal Camera

A thermal Camera detects heat through smoke, darkness, or heat-permeable barriers. The operator can use the application for rescue, gas detection, maintenance, inspection, and more.

Multi-Spectral Camera

Multi-Spectral Camera uses measures mid-wave infrared and long-wave infrared. Multi-spectral imaging measures the radiation inherent to an object, also known as thermal imaging.

GPR System

Ground Penetration Radar uses radar pulses to inspect objects underground. The application is to detect below surface utilities such as concrete, asphalt, metals, pipes, cables, or masonry.

Magnetometer Sensor

A sensor can detect metal objects and allow geo-referenced mapping to measure magnetic field induction.

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