Drones in Inspection

Unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs applications are increasing across all industries. Many sectors require constant check-ups, as they are becoming a more cost-effective solution for inspections at high altitudes and confined spaces.

Inspection for Utilities and Infrastructure

Drones can approach high structures such as cell towers, wind turbines, power transmission lines, dams, and bridges to capture critical structural details with high-definition and thermal cameras attachments.

Confined Space Inspections

Drones can also navigate through narrow and confined areas that are hard for technicians to reach in case of periodic inspections. Those sites include oil tanks, power plant boilers, or underground sewage systems.

Construction Monitoring

Drones can impact the construction industry since they can add value throughout the project, from the site surveying phase to delivery. Further, drones can help with progress monitoring, material management, site inspections, and project time-lapse during the construction phase.

Solar Panel Inspection

As the solar farm market is booming, drone applications for these solar panel inspections are becoming popular. Since solar energy grids are distributed in a wide area, drones are viable and a cost-effective approach. For instance, using thermal imaging for plant operators can identify and inspect the energy generation efficiency levels.

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