Our Software

Saqr Aerospace

In Saqr Aerospace we provide a range of software solutions compatible with any commercial drone application in your mind. In particular, this is done in collaboration with our partners at SPH-Engineering. Furthermore, below are the main software package lines we offer.

UGCS Software


The UGCS platform provides a complete toolset for safe and efficient UAV land surveying and industrial inspections, including automatic Photogrammetry and Facade scan tools, Geotagging tool, LIDAR, Magnetometer and GPR linear and aerial survey planning tools with terrain-following mode.

UGCS Mapper Software

UGCS Mapper

UgCS Mapper is a lightweight drone image and video processing software useful for creating 2D maps and elevation models.

Also, purely offline!

ATLAS Software


An AI based digital platform that turns aerial photography into business insights.

In other words, ATLAS is a unique digital platform enabling aerial imagery storage, maps creation, object detection/counting, and making territory segmentation.

Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions

For instance, UgCS SkyHub drone-based integrated solutions for industrial inspections:

  • Echo Sounder for bathymetry
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Methane detector
  • Magnetometer
  • Laser/Radar Altimeter for True Terrain Following mode.
Drone Show Software

Drone Show Software

Create and manage truly amazing outdoor drone swarm shows to enrich outdoor shows by adding up to hundreds of drone equipped with LEDs, fireworks, smoke generators and other special effects.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

SPH Engineering has a vast experience in various forms of drone software development. Therefore, making this an excellent package for enterprises requiring a unique approach for a particular application, task or system.