Drones in Security

Surveillance is observing a person, group of people, activities, infrastructure, and buildings to monitor, control, guide, and protect. The static nature of the camera typically limits traditional observational surveillance methods while Drones surveillance, on the other hand, provides a more straightforward, faster, safer way for these kinds of tasks.

Disaster Management

Drones have proven how useful they can be over time, especially during disasters; Disaster Management organizations are starting to utilize drones to map and monitor the topography of areas affected by landslides, earthquakes, and floods, serving as a first response and damage assessing tool.

Traffic Monitoring

Traffic monitoring using drones simplifies the process of traffic surveillance due to their agility and advantage of covering enormous areas from higher altitudes. In addition, using drone high-resolution cameras, command centers can respond efficiently to incidents.

Border Control

Drones provide significant benefits in patrolling large areas and facilities to security teams; they help aid in response time and increase the safety of workers who work in dangerous areas. In addition, command centers can view the facilities from a higher vantage point, enabling them to foresee and deal with the upcoming threats.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructures such as nuclear plants, data centers, Critical infrastructures such as nuclear plants, data centers, or oil and gas facilities are constantly under threat, whether Outsiders or potential industrial incidents cause incidents. Drones offer a new automated way to monitor and surveil the premises of the critical infrastructures to protect them from break-ins, thefts, or potential attacks on them and by detecting signs of malfunction such as leaks, smoke, or ignitions.

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