Capturing high-definition images with the help of image stitching software, experts can generate accurate maps up to 2cm accuracy, since drones capture a lot of data such result can be achieved. Human operators no longer need to physically access and measure points in hazardous or difficult-to-reach locations.

UAVs equipped with different sensors, such as RGB cameras, Multispectral cameras, Thermal cameras, and Lidar sensors. All these sensors enable the drone to execute different applications. RGB cameras give the drone the ability to shoot pictures as well videos but, most importantly, the capacity to do photogrammetry scansto generate numerous maps for different purposes. Thermal drone mapping can be used forsolarfarms and for monitoring assetsto identify abnormal heat signatures. Lidarsensors are useful when doing a survey in a highly dense environment—for example, surveying vegetation presence such as a forest. With Lidar Application, it would be possible to generate data from the lidar to capture dense point clouds.