Drones in Surveying

Nowadays, one of the most common use of Drones is Surveying, they have the advantage of being able to capture data from a high vantage point which gives an edge over regular surveying methods. Using drones in Surveying and mapping applications gives a great advantage in terms safety of workers, time saving and return of investment since drones are able cover huge ground in a such short time contrary to conventional methods.

Land Surveying

Drones are able to capture high definition images with the help of image stitching software, experts are able to generate accurate maps up to 2cm accuracy, since drones capture a lot of data such result can be achieved. for example local municipalities and urban planning councils can make use of drones in their daily work, since they can have up to date data to monitor any ongoing changes that occur or any challenges that come up.


UAVs have the ability to be equipped with different sensors, such as RGB cameras, Multispectral cameras, Thermal cameras, and Lidar sensors. All these sensors enable the drone to execute different applications.

RGB cameras give the drone the ability to shoot pictures as well videos but, most importantly, the capacity to do photogrammetry scans to generate numerous maps for different purposes.


cameras can be used to generate multispectral maps used in the agricultural industry to provide different vegetation indexes to show crops’ health.


drone mapping can be used for solar farms and for monitoring assets to identify abnormal heat signatures

Lidar sensors

are really useful when doing a survey in a highly dense environment—for example, surveying vegetation presence such as a forest. With Lidar Application, it would be possible to generate data from the lidar to capture dense point clouds. 

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